The journey has begun to bring communicating over distances.....
 closer to face-to-face  
      and it starts with enterprise integration
Standard InterOperations

and here you will find the rest of the journey

 It will take time and these are only the next few steps
  1. to use standards to assemble an eco-system of management applications, innovative enough to meet the challenges of quality and security 
  2. and to use the eco-system to offer applications and communications services that are affordable and available to all of us who care about quality and security.
But more than this, we create an escalator where today's innovations become the commoditised parts of tomorrow's innovation, giving the opportunity for many others to bring their own ideas and build on a legacy of progress.

We must start now, because the value is immeasurable. Our loves, colleagues and customers, even our cultures are reaching ever further - 7, 8 billion of us - daily. Physical travel is too demanding, too wasteful to bridge these new spaces. We must start the cycle of innovation that takes us from disembodied voices to richer, more instinctive forms of communicating over distances - closer to face-to-face.

....A firm handshake...Look me in the eye....Wish you were here...Looking nervous...Stony faced....Glint in the eye...Lost for words....Shrug of the shoulders...Body language...Said with a smile....Poker face...With a distant look in their eye..Sealed with a kiss....

The Journey people2persons
Business Purposed Integration Standards
Reinvention is no invention at all. 
Reuse is the key to innovation because it provides the valuable parts needed to create something even better. This is more true for integrations. Reusable integrations lowers cost and risk, enabling plug-and-work solutions, opening the door to innovative new software vendors.

For the enterprise customer, standardizing integrations means components in one solution can be reused elsewhere and replaced painlessly when needed. 

We start the journey with a credible approach to Open Source integration standards by building on top of SOA.
Eco-System of Management Applications

Innovation flourishes when innovators can demonstrate value. 
Entrants into the enterprise software market have a greater challenge than just the cost of integration. Each software component has a technical value, but components need to be brought together into a solution before they can demonstrate unanswerable business value. This is a tremendous challenge to the kind of novel new software needed to produce quality and security assured media and applications services.

The integration standard provides a low cost entry into an eco-system that  demonstrates unambiguous business value of the solution and each component within it. 
Secure, Quality Controlled Services

Communications and applications are turning into the same service.

Large enterprises use major integrators and phone companies to produce custom packages of communications and applications. The cost of such solutions are justified by the scale of the enterprise, or government  body.

By making use of fully coupled operations, automated using innovative software components, we can commoditise this kind of service with remarkable cost efficiency. Such services can be offered at a price acceptable to medium and small businesses and even premium residential customers.