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The organisation for Operational Integration Standards (OIS)

Standard InterOperations Ltd. uses OIS to help organisations turn any operational activity into an assembly of standard components parts

OIS is a computer language and modelling methodology that distills the know-how of operational experts, so they may be
shared        refined        converged to best practice        used over again as standard components
The models are used to specify
                * business processes        solutions        individual systems
Specifications are machine readable and can be built into software system interfaces

The Role of SIO
Why OIS?

Standard InterOperations offers a consultancy and training service to support any organisation aiming to reduce the risk of cost overrun, features shortfall and delay in operational change projects

Tooling is being developed experts can crowd-source best practice with each other across different parts of the sector and different territories

The Benefits

Using modelled best practice has significant benefits, even within a single organisation
  • New projects stop being constrained by the limited availability of Subject Matter Experts - their know-how is modelled and available to all
  • Projects can start and reach their market more quickly by reusing best practice requirements and design specifications, so making organisations more agile
  • The risks of cost overruns, project delays, reduced value and re-tendering are reduced by using authoritative best practice to direct projects
  • Best practice produces a step change in the operational efficiency of an organisation, by virtue of being best practice
  • Organisations can re-focus their resources on their genuinely unique value
When best practice is developed across the sector and across territories it turns into standards that have even greater value
  • Cross-sector standards are more likely to be complete compared to best practice produced in a single organisation, so all the above benefits are enhanced
  • Suppliers use the standards to offer products and services that are usable directly off-the-shelf
  • The operational activities are transformed into a technical discipline with transferable skills, so increasing the flexibility of the operational staff

The OIS library and the OIS Construction Tools are here

Standard InterOperations Library and Tooling
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